Signs that betray a woman in love

Oh, love! It is said that it dawns when he is there! Well, not all the time. If only it was enough to look carefully at the man on which you are in “crush” for six good months to know if it is reciprocal. And if I told you that yes, it is possible in one look to find an answer to this unbearable question! Because ladies, these gentlemen love to betray themselves in many ways. Hidden behind a mask of marble? Not that good.

But what beautiful eyes!

How do you know if it’s cracking for you? A lot of things go through the eyes in love. A man who is crazy about you will not look away during a conversation. Watch for those small creases in the corners of her eyes that indicate he is truly sincere. If they are present, it is that he finds you interesting and that her smile is not fake.

In other words, he does not play comedy to get you into bed! Also, there is evidence that the pupils (you know, those little black balls in the eyes) expand when you look at the loved one. Observe him, and see if there is a difference when he looks at you!

A sense of touch developed

And yes! A man in love can not help but touch you (consciously or unconsciously). If he takes your hand in a crowd, you touch the shoulder to show you something, put a lock of your hair in place. It is undoubtedly love in the air. He will always try, especially in a roundabout way (these gentlemen are discreet) to get in touch with you.

More than that, he will want to be as close to you as possible. If you see him getting closer to you when you talk to him, it’s because you do not leave him indifferent.

I’m crazy about you as the song was saying

The look, the body language are things. The attentions are still others! Because yes, what betrays the feelings of a man is when her actions coincide with her efforts. A man in love is a man who has attention for you, real ones! Not just gifts, be careful!

No, if he wishes to you, he will remember the answers you have given to her questions, your tastes, your fears. And this to feel close to you and let you know he is your company. Ah…what they are complicated these men.

Attitude of supplication

When one’s arms are outstretched, palms facing the sky, it is a manifestation of supplication. Believers turn the palm of their hands toward God to ask for grace. In the same way, the captured soldiers turn their palms skyward on their way to the enemy. This behavior also appears among those who make an affirmation and want you to believe them. Indeed, it is unconsciously that this gesture reflects their supplication like what they want you to believe.

woman in love

Territorial manifestations and duplicity

When we are confident and relaxed, we stare. When we are uncomfortable, we take up less space. In extreme cases, disturbed people curl up, squeezing their arms and legs against their bodies, almost in a fetal position. When a person is dishonest or lies brazenly, she unconsciously tends to stoop and sink into her seat, as if trying to escape the spoken words, even if they are hers.